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A recent analysis showed an import business paid more than $235,000

per shipment entry in one year.



That same company with an FTZ status would have paid $25,000, saving nearly $210,000

in processing fees.

FTZ #106

Want to gain a competitive edge in domestic and global markets? An Oklahoma City Foreign Trade Zone #106 designation can save your company money and improve cash flow through special customs procedures for FTZ businesses.


Located in the center of the U.S. and with easy access to  Will Rogers World Airport and major roadways, Oklahoma City is a prime location for your company's imports and exports.


An FTZ representative can help you through the FTZ application process and identify the benefits that help you.  


Alternative Site Framework

 The Alternative Site Framework status is a sophisticated business tool that enables companies to source their components internationally, manufacture/assemble and then distribute their products much more cost-effectively. The ASF utilizes a simplified application process which provides for quicker access to benefits - Approval for designation can happen as quickly as 30-45 days.


Benefits of
FTZ status

The bottom line is having an FTZ status increases profits and decreases expenses. Find out how FTZ programs can be combined and layered for optimal savings. 

Calculate Your Savings

Use the free online calculator to determine your company's level of savings and types of benefits with an FTZ status.



Learn more about the FTZ process, how duty deferral and shipping works in a foreign trade zone  and more.


FTZ #106

105 N. Hudson Avenue, Suite 101

Oklahoma City, OK 73012

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